2011 Calendar of Meetings

Calendar 2011 download a printable copy in MS Word format

Date Time Location Number of Bells Methods of the Month
5th Feb 7-8:30pm Waltham on the Wolds 6 St Clement’s Morning Star Treble Bob
5th Mar 7-8:30pm Denton 6 Double Oxford Plain Bob Minor
2nd April 7-8:30pm Thorpe Arnold 5 GF Reverse Canterbury Little Bob Doubles
7th May 6-8:30pm Saltby 10 GF AGM
Faith Tea 6pm.  AGM 6:30pm followed by ringing. 
4th June 7-8:30pm Hose 5 GF Stedman Winchendon
11th June 6pm onwards Wymondham 6 Quarter Peal
Ringers are required to ring a quarter peal to celebrate 400 years of Wymondham bells.  Contact the secretary for details.  The village has been invited for drinks in the church to listen to the quarter.  There will be an opportunity afterwards for open ringing.
2nd July 7-8:30pm Harston 5 GF St Simon All Saints
9th July – FRAMLAND OUTING – Towers to be confirmed
6th Aug 7-9pm Eaton  6 GF Quarter Peal Evening – followed by ringing
3rd Sept 7-8:30pm Somerby 6 GF Single Oxford Norwich Surprise
1st Oct 6:30-8:30pm Bottesford  8 Half Yearly Meeting (followed by ringing)
12th Nov 7-8:30pm Croxton Kerrial 6 Little Bob Ipswich Surprise
3rd Dec 6:30-8:30pm Stathern 5 GF Striking Competition (followed by ringing & Mince Pies)
Please arrive on time for team allocations for Striking Competition.

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