2013 Calendar of Meetings

Date Time Location Number of Bells Methods of the Month
2nd Feb 7-8:30pm Thorpe Arnold 5 GF Reverse Canterbury
2nd Mar 7-8:30pm Harlaxton 6 Canterbury Pleasure
6th April 7-8:30pm Croxton Kerrial 6 Norwich
        Plain Bob
4th May 6-8:30pm Gaddesby 8 GF AGM
    Faith Tea 6pm. AGM 6:30pm followed by ringing.    
1st June 7-8:30pm Hoby 5 Antelope
    29th June FRAMLAND OUTING – Towers to be confirmed    
6th July 7-8:30pm Sproxton 8 GF Rutland
        Oxford Bob Triples
3rd Aug 7-8:30pm Stathern 5 GF Winchendon
        Plain Bob
7th Sept 7-8:30pm Somerby 6 GF London
        Little Bob
5th Oct 6:30-8:30pm Eaton 6 GF  
    Half Yearly Meeting (followed by ringing)    
2nd Nov 7-8:30pm Waltham on the 6 Oxford Treble Bob
    Wolds   Single Oxford
7th Dec 6:30-8:30pm Hose 5 GF  
    Striking Competition (followed by ringing & Mince Pies)    
    Please arrive on time for team allocations for Striking Competition.    

Easy to print copies here:-

Calendar 2013 MS doc format 52kb

Calendar-2013 pdf format 260kb