Striking Competition 2012

The judge presents the shield for 2012

The judge presents the shield for 2012

The Society’s annual striking competition was this year held at Twyford. Unfortunately local ringers were away so the visitors made themselves as comfortable as they could on a cold evening.

Thanks to all who attended and just allowed the creation of three teams, as usual, drawn from the hat. This year we did have to press gang a few into tow teams which had the benefit of increasing the chances for some participants of being ‘in the winning team’.

Our special thanks to our judge, David Broughton who perhaps had the right idea because he sat outside in the car with the heater on. The scores were close and all teams were congratulated on their effort but there has to be a winning team and this year its members were:- William S (Captain), Wendy S, Elizabeth C, Mary F, Philip S and  Sue D. Well done to them.

There followed open ringing interspersed with mince pies and other festive morsels but eventually the cold beat us and we moved across the village street to The Saddle Inn to thaw out.


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