Framland Bob Doubles Training Session 21st September 2013.

What a day! After several weeks of planning (and gentle persuasion), the Society held an extremely successful training session for 7 local ringers. We all arrived bright and breezy at Waltham on the Wolds church, armed with packed lunches to share later, with great anticipation as to how the day would pan out. Liz (our ringing master) made us all very welcome as we moved around the circle introducing ourselves. A quick run through of plain hunt started the session leading into plain bob effortlessly. Out came a box of crayons and rulers so the learners could draw the mysterious red and blue lines as we broke the method down into bite sized chunks.

There were a few of us there to help out as being slightly more experienced ringers (that is where I fitted in). Yet again, I found I could see extra signposts and markers that were not clear to me before. Often they are pointed out by one of the learners who may be looking at the method for the first time with a completely new perspective. It just goes to show that the interaction between ringers of different abilities is important as we can all learn from each other. It is as important as the interaction between the bells in bob doubles.

A deserved coffee break followed giving us a chance to stretch our legs and chat, but we were soon back at the table for part 2. Some of us continued to concentrate on what we had learned in the morning while others, being slightly more adventurous, progressed onto the theory of bobs and calling the methods themselves. The pieces of paper got longer as parts of the 120 touch were being written out. They all looked very colourful with bobs added to them.

Time for another break – this time lunch. In true Framland fashion, we shared in a faith tea. The food was so good that it took several attempts from Liz to drag us away and head up the tower stairs for the practice. Members from the Society were arriving to help us out. It allowed us to concentrate on one leaner at a time giving them the opportunity to ring with experienced ringers. One by one they grabbed hold and rang confidently. I was very impressed with the progress that had been made in one day. The next step is to get out there and practice as much as possible. Joining the Society at monthly meetings is a good start. If you are interested in receiving training, either for yourself or for your tower, please do not hesitate to contact the society for further details.


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