First World War Centenary Commemorations (2014 – 2018)

Up and down the country, many towns and villages marked the centenary since the outbreak of the First World War….the war to end all wars. Many ringers took part in services in their own towers as part of local commemorations on Monday 4th August 2014. Although marking the centenary initially received mixed reactions, when events were being organised many months ago, the whole country became united on Monday 4th August with the extinguishing of lights except for one lighted candle. Over the next four years there will be many opportunities to ring. Perhaps you will be ringing in your own towers to mark the dates of significant battles, or holding special services in your own churches.

The Society of Framland Ringers has been invited to assist in a four year project at All Saints Church, Hoby, Leicestershire. The village of Hoby has been successful in an application it made to the Heritage Lottery Fund (and other local grants) to arrange a number of events during the centenary years of the First World War. The village had less than 200 residents in 1914, of which 67 men volunteered to go to war. Sadly, 16 men did not return. The Society of Framland Ringers will be assisting the local ringers to ring half muffled quarter peals on the 100th anniversary of the death of the 16 men who lost their lives. While the bells are ringing, there will be a trail that tells the story of where the families lived, who lived in the household and where the fateful telegram came from. It will be a chance to bring history to life.

The first of sixteen quarter peals will take place on 19th May 2015 dedicated to Private George Henry Sharpe.

The full list is detailed below:

19th May 2015 Private George Henry Sharpe

26th September 2015 Sergeant William Edward Eldred

31st May 2016 Private Walter Pick

5th June 2016 Brig. Gen. Sir Hay Frederick Donaldson

24th September 2016 Private Harry Jeffs

23rd April 2017 Private John Edward Ward

14th May 2017 Private Arthur Felstead

21st June 2017 Private William Harris

9th October 2017 Major William Cecil Beresford

26th October 2017 Lt. Col. Percy William Beresford D.S.O

30th November 2017 Lance Corporal Charles Henry Read

4th April 2018 Private Victor Albert Coleman

5th May 2018 Rifleman Charles Edward Gamble

14th September 2018 Major Arthur Jardine Beresford-Havelock

3rd October 2018 Second Lieut John Charles Wheatly

19th October 2018 Private William Henry Crane

Information about the soldiers who died in action is available in the commemorative book “For King & Country” that has been produced as part of the funding and is also available to view online at: Hoby and District History – For King and Country (opens in new window)

Further details about other events being held in the village of Hoby will become available as the four year project unfolds and is available at:
Hoby and District History – Commemorative Events (opens in new window)

Our Chairman and Secretary represented the Society of Framland Ringers at the opening service to launch the 4 year project. This was held at All Saints Church, Hoby on the 4th August. Local ringers rang before and after the service on half muffled bells. It was a beautiful service to commemorate the centenary of the First World War and followed the same order of service that was to be used in Westminster Abbey later that evening. Special readings and poems were read out during the service, in the presence of some of the relatives of those who died in action. It was an opportunity to see the spectacular floral displays that had been on display as part of the opening commemorations Flowers of commemoration (opens in a new window).

The Society is looking forward to assisting the local ringers to achieve a total of 16 half muffled quarter peals. Further details will be published throughout the four year project.