Framland Outing 2015

Our Annual Outing took place on Saturday 27th June 2015. Some of the ringers had based themselves at the campsite in St. Neots the night before, while others joined them for the day. We visited four towers throughout the day:

Tempsford (6) 9-1-0 GF

Willington (6) 9-0-0

Cople (6) 8-0-22 Anti-clockwise ring

Cardington (8) 19-1-1

The weather was on our side as we turned up for the first tower at Tempsford. A lovely ring of 6 bells tucked away behind the church organ.

Framland members at Tempsford

Framland members at Tempsford

We moved onto our second tower at Willington. This was another very enjoyable ring of 6 bells.

We made our own arrangements for lunch. Some found a pub; others chose to eat packed lunches in the church grounds at Willington. Others found the 16th Century Willington Dovecote & Stables. By chance, an archaeological dig was taking place while we were there. Representatives from the National Trust were keen to tell us all about the dig.

Willington church and stables

Willington church and stables

Lunch had finished; so off to the third tower at Cople. This was the anti-clockwise ring of 6 that we had all been looking forward to. We don’t get the opportunity to ring on an anti-clockwise ring very often so we all jumped at the chance to ring here.

Our final tower was the ring of 8 at Cardington. By this time we were getting hot and bothered and we found ringing methods on 8 more challenging than normal.

Enthusiasm was regained as the outing concluded with the customary BBQ back at the camp site. A chance for the ringers to talk about the events and towers of the outing huddled around the BBQ to keep warm.

Our thanks to Andrew for arranging another tour.


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