Hoby – Commemorative Half Muffled Quarter Peal

26th September 2015 – WW1 Commemorative Half Muffled Quarter Peal

capture-20151015-083424Today is the day we commemorate the second man of Hoby to have lost his life during WW1 on 26th September 1915. His name was Sergeant William Edward Eldred and was only 26 years old when he was killed in action. William joined the 8th Battalion the East Kent Regiment, also known as The Buffs. He went to France where he fought in the Battle of Loos (referred to at the time as “The Big Push”). The order came to withdraw, and as they withdrew, they continued to come under heavy fire. The battalion lost 12 officers and 165 other ranks including Sergeant William Edward Eldred. He is commemorated on the Loos Memorial which commemorates over 20000 officers and men who have no known grave.

The pressure is on to complete the commemorative quarters. This time we did not have an audience or a church service first so we felt more relaxed than we did for the previous quarter. A quick introduction as some of the ringers had not met before! We decided not to be quite so ambitious with the number of methods (in other words, I was the one who chickened out of ringing multiple methods). We settled for 600 of St. Martins and 660 of Plain Bob. Surprisingly, this still seemed to get the better of us. First attempt, we didn’t get very far in. We don’t know what happened apart from it just wasn’t “quite right”. A second attempt, this time we increased the pace. It definitely went better, but again we had to stop. It took the third attempt to get through the St Martins. This time we had settled down ringing at a nice pace with good striking. Once we heard Plain Bob called, we knew we were home and dry. We completed our tribute to Sergeant William Edward Eldred.

Further details about William (and the other men we are commemorating) can be found via http://www.hobyanddistricthistory.co.uk/king-country/

Details about the future half muffled quarter peals can be found via http://www.hobyanddistricthistory.co.uk/commemorative-half-muffled-quarter-peals/


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