2015 Striking Competition

It was that time of year – the annual striking competition (5th December 2015). This year we met at Waltham on the Wolds (one of the original founding towers for the Society). Last year it was a chilly night. This year it was surprisingly mild for December, although we did battle the gale force winds of Storm Desmond that have been hitting the country this weekend.

The winning team 2015 plus judge

The winning team 2015 plus judge

This year we welcomed a few new faces to the competition. They were local ringers from our hosting tower, entering for the first time. The usual format was applied, where ringers were selected on the night by drawing teams at random out of the hat. However, to make up the numbers, three of our members had the opportunity to ring in two teams.
All three teams had a practice session before the scored piece of 120 rows. The first team to ring rang Plain Bob Doubles, the second team rang Rounds and Call Changes and the third team finished with Grandsire Doubles. Those of us listening in the church to the ringing could not predict the results. All of the teams rang to a very high standard, each with their own merits.
The final team descended from the tower so we could all tuck into the mince pies and other festive nibbles along with a hot mug of coffee. Plenty of opportunity to chat and hand out Christmas cards – is it really that time of year already? The judge re-appeared having collated the scores. No amount of bribery of mince pies tempted our judge to give away any clues as to how we did until the big announcement.
We gathered together as our judge read out his comments about each scored piece. The winning team had 13.25 faults ringing Plain Bob Doubles. The team ringing Grandsire Doubles came second with 16.25 faults and a close third place with 17.25 faults went to the team ringing Rounds and Call Changes. Positive comments were made about all three teams. The scoring was so close that any team could have won.
The shield was presented to the winning team followed by the compulsory group photograph.
Our thanks go to Waltham on the Wolds Church for hosting the competition, our judge David, and to Ken who organised the ringers on the night. The Framland ringers will not meet again until February 2016. In the meantime, we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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