Outing to Rutland 2016

Saturday 25th June 2016 – the day of our Annual Outing.  This year we visited only three towers in our neighbouring county – Rutland.

Seaton (6) 10-0-2 GF

Glaston (6) 7-1-22 GF

Uppingham (8) 14-2-2

As the towers were only just a hop over the border, we broke with tradition and decided not to organise a campsite.  Although we did not make a full weekend of the outing we were determined to make the most of the day together.

We arrived at the first tower in Seaton.  A lovely ring of six bells on the ground floor tucked away at the back of the church.  We rang a wide range of methods to cater for all of the ringer’s abilities.  Our two youngest ringers had the opportunity to ring rounds with the assistance of our ringing master and chairman to “stand with” them.  Both of them are progressing well and coped admirably in a different tower.

Time had beaten us so we left Seaton for Glaston only a few miles away.  We were in for a bit of a surprise when we rang the bells up.  We knew they were a light six, we hadn’t prepared ourselves for them being quite that light! To add to the complexity of ringing, it was difficult to hear the bells while we were ringing – much quieter under the bells than in the rest of the church.  That did not stop us from ringing the usual range of methods to give everyone a go.  Again, our junior ringers took hold for rounds – not their favourite bells being so much lighter than they are used to.  Credit to both of them as they rang very well.

Our time slot had ended, so off to Uppingham we went.  This was a lovely ring of eight.  The ringing room was raised with a balcony view over the rest of the church, looking directly across to the beautiful stained glass window above the altar.  It did get quite cosy in the ringing room with all of us in there at the same time.  We had the opportunity to shine by ringing triples and major methods that we do not get to ring on a regular basis.  The tradition of a group photograph took place in the ringing room, with the usual issues; no-one wanting to stand at the front and everyone trying to hide behind someone else.  Afterwards, we rang the bells down and gave our thanks to our President for arranging yet another successful outing.

Who can I hide behind?

Who can I hide behind?

Traditionally, we would now be winging our way back to the campsite (via the supermarket) and getting ready for a BBQ to end the day.  This year – no campsite – no BBQ.  We did however find our way (…eventually) to the pub on the outskirts of Oakham for a meal to round the day off.  We enjoyed good food in good company finishing off a fantastic day.