Hoby – Commemorative Quarter Peal

24th September 2016 – Private Harry Jeffs

Private Harry Jeffs lost his life as a result of his wounds sustained during the Battle of the Somme (died 24th September 1916).  Prior to the war, Harry worked at Hoby Grange.  He was a member of the church choir and was an active bell ringer at Hoby.  His wounds were so severe, that his leg had to be amputated.  He became weaker and finally lost his life.  He had an older and younger brother who both served in the war and survived.  His mother received a letter informing her of his death which came as a shock as she was unaware that he had been wounded.  Following his death, the local ringers rang a muffled peal in his memory.

The Society of Framland Ringers have been ringing half muffled commemorative quarter peals on the 100th anniversary of the death of each soldier from Hoby. This was the 4th (and last) quarter peal for 2016.  As the soldier we were commemorating was a bell ringer, the parish of Hoby celebrated his life with a service of thanksgiving in the afternoon before we rang the quarter peal in the evening.  To make this quarter stand out and be different from the others, the parish asked us to ring this quarter “open”.  Having rung so many half muffled quarter peals at Hoby as part of this 4 year project, it definitely felt “different” to be ringing the bells open.  It sounded faster than our previous efforts, although the clock shows we rang at the same speed.  It was definitely easier to hear the backstroke and concentrate on the striking of the methods.

Our Chairman called this quarter with Plain Bob, St. Martins, St. Simons and then back to Plain Bob.  It was a composition that we were all familiar with having rung this selection on previous attempts.  25 minutes into the quarter, we were ringing St. Martins, and for no reason, it fired up!  Ringing St Martins as part of these commemorations seems to get the better of us.  The command to “stand” was obeyed.  Such a shame, as the striking had been really good.  A quick breather to get our puff back and take off excess jumpers followed.  A second attempt commenced.  This time the pressure was on as the clock was ticking.  More importantly, our treble ringer has a bad wrist and pushing for a second attempt may be too much for her.  Fortunately, the second attempt was successful.  On the whole, our striking was good (ringing we can be proud of).  Our tribute to Harry Jeffs was completed successfully.


The Quarter Peal Ringers 24th September 2016

The Society will be ringing again at Hoby for six half muffled quarter peals in 2017, and six in 2018.

Details about the future half muffled quarter peals can be found via http://www.hobyanddistricthistory.co.uk/commemorative-half-muffled-quarter-peals/

Further details about the men we are commemorating can be found via http://www.hobyanddistricthistory.co.uk/king-country/