Striking Competition 2017

The 2017 Striking Competition was held at Hose on Saturday 2nd December.  There were three teams of five, where ringers were randomly selected by drawing team numbers out of a hat.  Each team had a few minutes of practice time followed by the judged piece of 120 call changes.

Our judge, Mary, was sat outside the church in the porch where she had good lighting to help her see her scoring sheets … or so she thought!  Part way through the judged piece for the first team, she discovered that the porch light went out causing her to leap up and wave her arms about to trigger the motion detector to switch the light back on.  Fortunately, the team ringing at the time had kept a lovely even rhythm so it was easy for the judge to continue with the marking.

Once all three teams had taken part, there was an opportunity to exchange Christmas cards, eat mince pies and drink hot chocolate.  It was very cold in the church so a hot drink was very welcome.  After much chatter, we realised that time was against us, so we assembled for the results from our judge.

Mary presented her comments and results for each time.  She commented on the steady rhythm from the first team (and the mishap with the outside light).  It was a good effort from the second team to ring and it was suspected that the less experienced members were ringing.  They showed promise for future competitions and they were congratulated for taking part.  The third team to ring also rang with minimal faults so it was between them and the first team ringing as to who takes home the trophy.  It was revealed that the team who rang last had won and the ringers were presented with the “Frith Shield”.  The hardest part of the evening was getting the ringers to pose for the compulsory photograph.

The Winning Team presented with the Frith Shield

Our thanks go to Mary for judging this fun competition for us and thank you to all those who took part.  The ringers taking part were proud that the junior members were able to join in this year.  It shows how much progress they have made and shows promise for next year.

The Framland will meet again on Saturday 3rd February at Plumtree.  Until then, the Society of Framland Ringers wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.