Outing to Stamford 2018

Saturday 14th July 2018 – The Framland Outing visiting five towers in and near Stamford.

Greatford St. Thomas a Becket (6) 6-1-4

West Deeping St. Andrew (6) 9-3-11

Uffington St. Michael & All Angels (6) 11-1-22

Stamford All Saints (8) 14-1-14

Breat Casterton St. Peter & St. Paul (6) 5-1-18

Although we were low on numbers at the start of the first tower, more and more ringers turned up on what seemed to be one of the hottest days in the summer heatwave.  We finished with 15 brave ringers attending the outing.

We started the tour at Greatford, a lovely ring of six on the ground floor.  Knowing that we needed to pace ourselves to survive the day, we rang simple methods – no need to be over ambitious when we had an entire afternoon of ringing ahead of us.

We went on to ring at West Deeping, another ground floor ring of six.  This time the bells were a little heavier which some of our members preferred.  We were however in competition with the organist who was having their organ practice at the same time as our outing.  Most of us have rung for weddings and competed against the organ for a few minutes while the bride leaves.  You often rely on rope-sight alone as you cannot always hear the bells.  This was the case for West Deeping.  It did make the ringing “interesting”.

The third tower was at Uffington.  We were a little surprised to come across a sign saying that the church was closed for building works.  Fortunately, the church had been unlocked for us, so we managed to enjoy another ring of six.  This was however, once we had finished moving excess items away from the ropes in the ringing room.  I suspect the builders had moved loose items into the ringing room to give them space to work.  These bells were a little heavier again.  We were more ambitious with our choice of methods at this tower as we knew we would be having a well-deserved coffee break before the next tower.

We all made our own arrangements before ringing at the next tower.  It isn’t always easy to find somewhere to park in Stamford on a busy Saturday afternoon, but we all managed.  Some found a nice coffee shop to go to, others found the ice cream van by the river.  Some took the opportunity to walk their dogs that were also joining us on the outing.

Break time over – off to find All Saints in Stamford.  This was the only eight bell tower that we were visiting on the tour.  By this time, we were starting to feel the heat and finding it difficult to ring major methods continuously.  Despite being hot and bothered, we did ring well and enjoyed the tower grab there.

The last tower was at Great Casterton.  This was the lightest ring of the outing which came as a surprise to some when they first pulled on the bells.  It was lovely to have been met by one of the local ringers who stayed to have a ring with us.  It is always a pleasure to be joined by the locals.

Time had beaten us at the last tower.  Some were so keen to get to the pub, they had already departed before we took the compulsory group photo – perhaps we should have taken it earlier in the day before some ringers escaped.  We did however get most of us in the picture.



The outing ended with a group meal at a pub in Ryhall.  The food and company was very enjoyable.

Our thanks go to our Ringing Master who made all of the necessary arrangements organising the towers (and pub) for us.  It is very much appreciated by all of those who took part in the tour.