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From the Ringing World November 28th 1975 

Extract from Minute Book of 1875

“An account of the Origin and Foundation of the Honourable Society of Framland Ringers with the Minutes of Committee Meetings and Transactions of the said honourable Society. This meeting was followed by a Second at Waltham on Monday, 29th November, 1875 when the Buckminster and Waltham Ringers again handled the ropes in succession. A supper was given by the Rev. Henry Twells, M.A. (Rector) in the School Room and the subject of The Society of Ringers which had been previously suggested at Buckminster was thoroughly discussed and the Rev. H. Twells, the Rev. Rabbetts, the Rev. D.W. Barrett spoke on the subject.

 It was then proposed and seconded that a Society be formed to be called “The Society of Framland Ringers” and that it have for its objectives the cultivation of the art of change ringing and the promotion of belfry reform. Carried with one dissentment only.

 It was next proposed and seconded that the Rev. H. Twells and the Rev. F.D. Rabbetts be elected as Vice Presidents of the Society and that it be left to the Secretary to ask other Incumbents who took an interest in the matter to consent to stand with them. The secretary was requested at the same time to request His Grace the Duke of Rutland K.G. to become President. A request that has since been graciously acceded to.

 It was next proposed and seconded that the Rev. D.W. Barrett be elected Hon. Secretary. Carried unanimously.

Proposed and seconded that the Rev. I.M. Byng be elected Treasurer. Carried unanimously.  Mr Thomas Charlesworth was elected to represent Buckminster in committee till May 1876. Mr George Squires was elected to represent Waltham on the committee till May.

Framland Society - Buckminster badge

Framland Society - Buckminster badge


(Pictured left an early badge which reads “Ringer of St. John’s Buckminster – Framland Society.” It is reported that at the early meetings of the Society the village teams would ring as a band, each taking a turn to do their chosen party piece perhaps. If you can offer us more information about the early days of the Society we would be pleased to hear from you.)

After a few tunes on the handbells and friendly interchange of opinion on the subject of the Society the meeting broke up well pleased with the result of the evening’s work. The proceedings terminated by the Handbell Ringers playing “God Save the Queen”.

The Rev. Henry Twells is the author of many hymns especially “At even ere the sun was set” He was Rector of Waltham 1871-1890.

The Society has met twice yearly until 1965 when in addition to the May and October meetings, monthly evening practices on the first Sunday (Sunday was stated in the RW but Society records show that the meetings were on the first Saturday as they remain to this day) of each month commenced. To mark the Centenary on Saturday, 29th November it is hoped that the bells will be rung in each tower in the Framland Deaneries and at 6pm in Waltham-on-the-Wolds Parish Church a “Service of Thanksgiving” at which the preacher will be The Lord Bishop of Leicester. Immediately following at 7pm in Waltham Village Hall, a Social Evening with buffet supper and entertainment at which the handbells of Waltham-on-the-Wolds and Croxton Kerrial will be rung. Tickets 100p available from the Hon. Secretary, Mrs N. Cooke (Waltham-on-the-Wolds 808). (see also The Centenary 1975 page https://framlandringers.wordpress.com/about/the-centenary-1975/ )


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