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Outing to Stamford 2018

July 20, 2018

Saturday 14th July 2018 – The Framland Outing visiting five towers in and near Stamford.

Greatford St. Thomas a Becket (6) 6-1-4

West Deeping St. Andrew (6) 9-3-11

Uffington St. Michael & All Angels (6) 11-1-22

Stamford All Saints (8) 14-1-14

Breat Casterton St. Peter & St. Paul (6) 5-1-18

Although we were low on numbers at the start of the first tower, more and more ringers turned up on what seemed to be one of the hottest days in the summer heatwave.  We finished with 15 brave ringers attending the outing.

We started the tour at Greatford, a lovely ring of six on the ground floor.  Knowing that we needed to pace ourselves to survive the day, we rang simple methods – no need to be over ambitious when we had an entire afternoon of ringing ahead of us.

We went on to ring at West Deeping, another ground floor ring of six.  This time the bells were a little heavier which some of our members preferred.  We were however in competition with the organist who was having their organ practice at the same time as our outing.  Most of us have rung for weddings and competed against the organ for a few minutes while the bride leaves.  You often rely on rope-sight alone as you cannot always hear the bells.  This was the case for West Deeping.  It did make the ringing “interesting”.

The third tower was at Uffington.  We were a little surprised to come across a sign saying that the church was closed for building works.  Fortunately, the church had been unlocked for us, so we managed to enjoy another ring of six.  This was however, once we had finished moving excess items away from the ropes in the ringing room.  I suspect the builders had moved loose items into the ringing room to give them space to work.  These bells were a little heavier again.  We were more ambitious with our choice of methods at this tower as we knew we would be having a well-deserved coffee break before the next tower.

We all made our own arrangements before ringing at the next tower.  It isn’t always easy to find somewhere to park in Stamford on a busy Saturday afternoon, but we all managed.  Some found a nice coffee shop to go to, others found the ice cream van by the river.  Some took the opportunity to walk their dogs that were also joining us on the outing.

Break time over – off to find All Saints in Stamford.  This was the only eight bell tower that we were visiting on the tour.  By this time, we were starting to feel the heat and finding it difficult to ring major methods continuously.  Despite being hot and bothered, we did ring well and enjoyed the tower grab there.

The last tower was at Great Casterton.  This was the lightest ring of the outing which came as a surprise to some when they first pulled on the bells.  It was lovely to have been met by one of the local ringers who stayed to have a ring with us.  It is always a pleasure to be joined by the locals.

Time had beaten us at the last tower.  Some were so keen to get to the pub, they had already departed before we took the compulsory group photo – perhaps we should have taken it earlier in the day before some ringers escaped.  We did however get most of us in the picture.



The outing ended with a group meal at a pub in Ryhall.  The food and company was very enjoyable.

Our thanks go to our Ringing Master who made all of the necessary arrangements organising the towers (and pub) for us.  It is very much appreciated by all of those who took part in the tour.


Outing to Leicestershire 2017

July 2, 2017

Saturday 1st July 2017 – The Framland Outing.  This year we visited three towers in our own county – Leicestershire.

Markfield St. Michael (6) 10-1-15

Newtown Linford All Saints (6) 7-3-20

Anstey St. Mary (8) 10-2-4

Despite being low on numbers, we rang well at all three towers.  Everyone said how good the bells are at Markfield.  It is such a shame that this was the tower that I missed due to a wedding over-running the other side of the county!

The second tower was Newtown Linford.  A lovely ring of 6 where the church is in the beautiful surroundings of Bradgate Park – OK it was next to the car park, but the thought is there.

The final tower of the day was Anstey, a ring of 8.  By this time, we were relatively low on numbers so there were not many opportunities to sit out and admire the church or the surroundings.  We did however ring Plain Bob Major, Grandsire Triples and Stedman Triples.  We had a good attempt at Cambridge major, so it was a shame not to be fully successful in this.

We thanked the tower organiser for all of his hard work arranging the towers for us and most importantly suggesting pub grub afterwards.

We found our way to a pub on the outskirts of Syston where we enjoyed a lovely meal followed by the biggest puddings I have ever seen.

Outing to Rutland 2016

July 1, 2016

Saturday 25th June 2016 – the day of our Annual Outing.  This year we visited only three towers in our neighbouring county – Rutland.

Seaton (6) 10-0-2 GF

Glaston (6) 7-1-22 GF

Uppingham (8) 14-2-2

As the towers were only just a hop over the border, we broke with tradition and decided not to organise a campsite.  Although we did not make a full weekend of the outing we were determined to make the most of the day together.

We arrived at the first tower in Seaton.  A lovely ring of six bells on the ground floor tucked away at the back of the church.  We rang a wide range of methods to cater for all of the ringer’s abilities.  Our two youngest ringers had the opportunity to ring rounds with the assistance of our ringing master and chairman to “stand with” them.  Both of them are progressing well and coped admirably in a different tower.

Time had beaten us so we left Seaton for Glaston only a few miles away.  We were in for a bit of a surprise when we rang the bells up.  We knew they were a light six, we hadn’t prepared ourselves for them being quite that light! To add to the complexity of ringing, it was difficult to hear the bells while we were ringing – much quieter under the bells than in the rest of the church.  That did not stop us from ringing the usual range of methods to give everyone a go.  Again, our junior ringers took hold for rounds – not their favourite bells being so much lighter than they are used to.  Credit to both of them as they rang very well.

Our time slot had ended, so off to Uppingham we went.  This was a lovely ring of eight.  The ringing room was raised with a balcony view over the rest of the church, looking directly across to the beautiful stained glass window above the altar.  It did get quite cosy in the ringing room with all of us in there at the same time.  We had the opportunity to shine by ringing triples and major methods that we do not get to ring on a regular basis.  The tradition of a group photograph took place in the ringing room, with the usual issues; no-one wanting to stand at the front and everyone trying to hide behind someone else.  Afterwards, we rang the bells down and gave our thanks to our President for arranging yet another successful outing.

Who can I hide behind?

Who can I hide behind?

Traditionally, we would now be winging our way back to the campsite (via the supermarket) and getting ready for a BBQ to end the day.  This year – no campsite – no BBQ.  We did however find our way (…eventually) to the pub on the outskirts of Oakham for a meal to round the day off.  We enjoyed good food in good company finishing off a fantastic day.

Framland Outing 2015

October 13, 2015

Our Annual Outing took place on Saturday 27th June 2015. Some of the ringers had based themselves at the campsite in St. Neots the night before, while others joined them for the day. We visited four towers throughout the day:

Tempsford (6) 9-1-0 GF

Willington (6) 9-0-0

Cople (6) 8-0-22 Anti-clockwise ring

Cardington (8) 19-1-1

The weather was on our side as we turned up for the first tower at Tempsford. A lovely ring of 6 bells tucked away behind the church organ.

Framland members at Tempsford

Framland members at Tempsford

We moved onto our second tower at Willington. This was another very enjoyable ring of 6 bells.

We made our own arrangements for lunch. Some found a pub; others chose to eat packed lunches in the church grounds at Willington. Others found the 16th Century Willington Dovecote & Stables. By chance, an archaeological dig was taking place while we were there. Representatives from the National Trust were keen to tell us all about the dig.

Willington church and stables

Willington church and stables

Lunch had finished; so off to the third tower at Cople. This was the anti-clockwise ring of 6 that we had all been looking forward to. We don’t get the opportunity to ring on an anti-clockwise ring very often so we all jumped at the chance to ring here.

Our final tower was the ring of 8 at Cardington. By this time we were getting hot and bothered and we found ringing methods on 8 more challenging than normal.

Enthusiasm was regained as the outing concluded with the customary BBQ back at the camp site. A chance for the ringers to talk about the events and towers of the outing huddled around the BBQ to keep warm.

Our thanks to Andrew for arranging another tour.

Outing to Bedfordshire 2014

July 2, 2014

Our annual outing for 2014 was again a trip down the Old North Road. Some of the group were based again at the St Neot’s campsite, others joined them for the day which started at Gamlingay. A fine ring of eight in a pleasant small town owned and managed since 1599, so we are told, by Oxford and Cambridge colleges.

Part of the group in the ringing chamber at Blunham

Part of the group in the ringing chamber at Blunham

Moving on to Sandy, the fifth proved difficult to ring up so our man was sent to investigate and found a door fouling the rope as it passed through the clock room. That made things better and Norwich was achieved here with the elite members of the group.

We made our own arrangements for lunch with Andrew and Matthew finding the pub in Blunham did not serve food on this Saturday lunchtime but were well satisfied at The Guinea in Moggerhanger. Remember the value of a guinea and you are old enough to be a bell ringer.

We had been warned that the 18 cwt six at Blunham were hard work so methods were chosen carefully with some exceptionally long tail ends adding to the challenge. The ringing chamber had an unusually large window overlooking the churchyard and fortunately one section opened to allow a cool breeze to circulate. Not a set of bells for a scorching summer day. This prompts a report on the weather which as usual after a dry week turned wet on Friday night just as the campers arrived on site.

The drive to Great Barford took us over the ancient Grade I Listed bridge which has offered safe passage over the Great Ouse since the early fifteenth century. The combination of bridge, Anchor Inn and church offer an attractive scene made popular by the provision of seats on an area of riverside grass.

02-Great Barford

The final ring warned of the dire consequences if the hammer was not removed before ringing but the steward made sure this operation had been carried out before hand. Another set of challenging bells prompted a request for Plain Bob Minimus with tenor cover. Stone tablets recorded repairs to the roof in 1898 and re-hanging and tuning of the bells in 1905. Speculation as to the benefactor A.M.D.G soon got out of hand and failed to offer a likely candidate.

Society of Framland Roingers members and friends at Great Barford

Society of Framland Roingers members and friends at Great Barford

The outing concluded with the customary BBQ back at the camp site and thankfully it had by then ceased raining and stayed dry.

Our thanks to Andrew for arranging another tour of interesting towers.

2014 Framland outing – 28th June

June 23, 2014

Society of Framland Ringers gamlingay

Summer outing to Bedfordshire

Saturday 28th June 2014

10.00 – 10.50 Gamlingay  S. Mary the Virgin.  (8)  16-0-14
Grid Ref TL241523
Park in St. Mary’s Close to South of the Church

11.15 – 12.00 Sandy  S. Swithun   (6)  12-0-8
Grid Ref TL173490

Lunch (own arrangements)

14.00 – 14.45   Blunham S. Edmund  (6) 18-2-00
Grid Ref TL152511

15.00 – 15.45 Great Barford  All Saints  (5)  14-2-17   GF
Grid Ref TL133517
Car park off New Road opposite Scout Camp called Jordans Close

Download a printable sheet here 2014 Framland Outing pdf file

2013 Outing to Huntingdon District

September 20, 2013
Little Paxton and insert the bell frame model

Little Paxton and insert the bell frame model

The Annual Society outing took place on Saturday 29th June 2013. Our first tower was Little Paxton (read more – click here) where during 2011 and 2012 the bells had been restored and the church extensively re-ordered. Externally the church is traditional but upon entering we were greeted with a bright and modern interior.

Little Paxton model bell

Little Paxton model bell

The flexible seating had been specially made with a carved scallop shell for the dedication to Saint James. The Rev Annette Reed in attendance was pleased to tell members of our party about the improvements. The ringing chamber had been created on a platform allowing access to the church through a porch in the base of the tower. Light was allowed into this area by a portion of glass floor which ringers had to stand on. There was reluctance to ring St. Nicholas here.

No ringing St. Nicholas

No ringing St. Nicholas

Next was a drive through Saint Neots to Eaton Socon for a ring on the 13cwt eight of Saint Mary’s. The group split up for lunch arrangements with some making use of Wetherspoons in the town where non ringers had enjoyed a look around the shops.

A pleasant walk beside the river to Eynesbury allowed lunch to settle and the brain to adapt for the anti-clockwise six. So far this could have been a walking tour with convenient footpaths alongside the river Great Ouse through pleasant meadows passing former water mills.

For the final tower some started the journey home. Great Staughton an impressive Estate village and an equally imposing six with a tenor of 16cwt. We didn’t attempt any quarters or have any lockouts and I can’t recall any of the methods rung or attempted but it was a great day out and as always well organised by Andrew.

2012 tour – Huntingdon District

July 6, 2012
Society of Framland Ringers 2012 outing at Hemingford Grey

Society of Framland Ringers 2012 outing at Hemingford Grey

The Framland outing 2012 was held on Saturday 30th June. As usual it was planned as a camping weekend for the hardy members but others were permitted to attend on the day for the ringing. Your correspondent having spent many a wet weekend under canvas was, this year, a day visitor.

It was an easy journey from our homes around Melton Mowbray and as we drove down the A1 we were treated to occasional showers with more on the journey home. During the tour the sun often shone, it remained dry and warm.

A last minute change had to be made substituting Great Paxton for Godmanchester, the latter having to stop ringing due to rain damage to their ceiling. We rang a varied selection of methods within the limits of those present, your correspondent does not feel qualified to say more.

The churches were admired and it was a delight to explore villages with a different character and style to those in Framland countryside. Some members enjoyed lunch at the Axe and Compass in Hemingford Abbots while others walked along the riverside path to Hemingford Grey, a perfect stroll.

While the provision of a loo in the base of the towers was welcome, this modification often creates a stuffy ringing chamber with little or no ventilation, ideal for cold winter evening but not ideal on warm summer days.

Thanks to Andrew for another great tour and to those who supported the event. I’ve heard no report of washed away tents or soggy burgers but perhaps they are putting on a brave face.

2012 Outing to Huntingdon district

May 2, 2012

Details of the 2012 Framland outing are now available, members and non members are welcome to join us at the following towers on Saturday, June 30th 2012
10.00 – 10.45 Godmanchester, S. Mary the Virgin (8)  
11.00 – 12.00 Hemingford Abbots, S. Margaret (6)
13.45 – 14.30 Hemingford Grey, S. James (8)  
14.30 – 15.30 Hilton,S. Mary Magd (6)

Download full details here 2012 Framland Outing MS doc file 22kB

Outing to Huntingdon 2011

August 1, 2011

The Society of Framland Ringers  Outing to Huntingdon District was on Saturday, July 9th 2011 and visited the following towers during the day:-

Huntingdon, S. Mary (8) 16-0-21  
Huntingdon, All Saints (6) 8-0-19
Brampton, S. Mary Magd (6) 13-2-26   
Buckden,S. Mary (6) 13-0-12

Framland outing 2011Framland outing 2011

In the evening a Bar-B-Que was held at Grafham Water Caravan Club Site, appropriately located at Church Road.

Comment form one participant “a super day ringing on Saturday and a very amusing barbecue afterwards”.

End of a super day

End of a super day